California Construction Financing

Financing your Business Has Never Been Easier

Resource Business Partners, Inc. stands tall among all other California invoice factoring companies. We provide Accounts Receivable Financing, or "Factoring" to companies in and around California facing financing challenges.

Our experience funding small business allows us the ability to meet your cash flow needs. Stop worrying about when your customers will pay, give us a call today!

What is Factoring?

Turn "Net 30" into "Net NOW!"

Are you tired of waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid for your outstanding invoices? Are your customers holding back payment from you in order to support their own cash flow needs? By factoring your unpaid invoices, you get paid immediately for invoices that you just produced. Whether you're in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico... You can can get paid immediately for the work you completed by factoring your invoices.

Factoring is not a loan

Unlike other methods of raising capital, there is no debt incurred - therefore nothing to repay. With no compromise to your balance sheet and no long-term agreements, you can leverage your existing accounts receivables to speed money back into your business. Use the early payments to support growth, or quickly pay down other debt. Pay your suppliers early, and get discounts from them!

Stop worrying about when your customers will pay!

When you complete a successful factoring transaction you get paid today for the invoice you created yesterday. No more waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid. Take control of your cash flow and consistently meet your ongoing expense obligations without worrying about when your next invoice payment is coming through the door.

How Factoring Works

Cash flow stunting your growth?

Does your company need immediate cash for growth and expansion? Are you afraid to take on new clients because it's hard to finance the start up costs? Have you had a couple bad months, or quarters with low or no growth - forcing your bank to shut down your line of credit? Whatever your cash needs may be, our California factoring program is simple and fast with Resource Business Partners, Inc.

Here's how it works

Factoring gets immediate cash against invoices. Stop waiting 30, 60, or even 90 days to get paid. You send Resource Business Partners your invoice; RBP will advance you cash for 80% of the invoice value within 24 hours. Later on, when your customer pays Resource Business Partners, we send you the remainder of the invoice value, minus our 4% factoring fee.

Factoring allows you to get the cash you need now, wired to your bank account, at a price you can afford.

Here's an example:

Client's invoice $1,000
Cash advanced to client from RBP $800
4% Fee retained by RBP $40
Reserve fund held for client $200

Cash advanced to client from RBP $800
Customers payment rcv'd by RBP $1,000
Reserve refunded to client less fee $160

Why Factor?

If your company requires consistent access to cash to fund the ongoing operations but struggle with increased scrutiny from your traditional bank line of credit, then you are a good candidate for factoring in California. Unfortunately it's often considered the rule, rather than the exceptoin to stretch payments out as long as possible. When your customers do it to you, it's not easy to manage cash flow. Paying leases, rent, salaries, etc... becomes very difficult.

Factoring and Invoice discounting doesn't add any additional debt to your balance sheet and you will improve cash flow. By using this "invoice discounting" service as a cash flow solution your company benefits from not having to give up any existing equity share in return for funding your California small business.

Factoring your invoices provides you with immediate cash based on the value of your invoices. You will get 80% of the money for your invoices immediately. Use those funds to meet your payroll and other expense obligation.

Factoring provides you the opportunity to maintain excellent relationships with your vendors & suppliers, since you'll be able to pay them on-time more often.